Summer Fun Means Massage Time

spa massage masāža

There’s something about longer days and warmer weather that makes us feel alive, and maybe even a little bit like a super hero. Think about all of those weekend warrior episodes you’ve probably had, whether they were for fun or to get a project finished. And then remember how your body felt afterwards… That’s where a massage comes in – it will take the edge off all of that fun, and let you get back to truly enjoying it.

All of that extra physical exertion we get up to in summer, whether it’s working in the yard or dancing the night away under the stars, can really take a toll on a body that hasn’t moved so much for, let’s be honest here, months and months. Massage treatments can ease pain that’s the result of overexertion, and let you move more naturally. Summer heat and humidity can also cause swelling and discomfort in your joints and limbs, even if you’re not overdoing it. By increasing blood flow and promoting lymphatic drainage, massage can help with these issues, too.

Your massage appointment is also your chance to indulge in some unapologetic me time. Your schedule is probably chock full of things to do for others, and this is the perfect opportunity to carve out some for yourself. And when you’re more relaxed, you’re probably also more productive. Relaxation and good circulation promote clear thinking letting you accomplish more with less effort.

Here at Ma-Beauty we have a full menu of massages and body treatments that will help you look and feel your best all summer long.

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